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The Plastic Surgeon Selection Process

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The patient who is considering facial plastic surgeon fort myers should be aware of what they need to look out for in a surgeon. They must first decide on the type of surgery that they wish to undergo. You can choose from rhinoplasty or facelift, tummy-tuck or liposuction. Certain plastic surgeons have more experience with one kind of treatment compared to another.

Finding a plastic surgery is easy if you ask around. Talk to those who are familiar with plastic surgeons and have had successful procedures. Some people may be willing to share before-and-after photos. To find a surgeon in their area, patients can use sites like those of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Some surgeons’ reviews have been posted online by patients or former patients. It is important to read these and consider them.

Patients should only choose surgeons who are certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery. They must also be in good standing before their state’s licensing and medical boards. The surgeons should have no pending malpractice cases or criminal records.

The patient should set up an appointment with a plastic surgeon once they have the names and numbers. The patient will have to pay, but insurance might cover the cost.

Ask the surgeon about their training in the type of surgery that the patient wants. The plastic surgeon must have at least 3 years’ experience performing plastic surgery and 6 years as a general surgeon. It is important that they are actively involved in continuing education classes and trained on the latest techniques of plastic surgery. In plastic surgery, the pace of technological progress can be very rapid.

Only work with medical institutions, hospitals and clinics that have been accredited by the plastic surgeon. They should know where these facilities are located and be able inform the patient of their names. It is important that the surgeons are willing and excited to help the patients achieve their desired plastic surgery results, yet realistic in what they can or cannot achieve. Their primary concern should be the safety and well-being of their patients.