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Families Westmont – How to develop a healthy and functional family

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It is important to be educated and have the necessary coping abilities when working with families that suffer from different mental disorders. Treatments for depression, schizophrenia, addictions to alcohol and drugs, child abuse, and other disorders are available. Marriage and family therapist associate with such issues need to be educated about the illness of their loved one and given additional advice on how best to treat them.

This includes basic information regarding illness, the causes of it, its treatment and outcome. These sessions are usually between two and six hours long, depending on their clientele.

Parents and adolescents often have conflict in the home. Counseling is needed to help both parties understand their respective expectations.

The goals of family therapy

Its goals are to enhance communication, improve family relationships, better understand and manage family situations, as well as create a healthier home. The therapy involves:

The relationship between the psychopathology of families and the interactions dynamics within the family.
The family must mobilize its internal resources and functional assets.
Restructuring family styles
The family should learn to better solve their problems.

These interventions cover a wide range of topics, including future plans and marriages, as well as medication, women’s health, communication, improved behavior, and even pregnancy. Family interventions can provide crucial information for 2-6 hours depending on how they are conducted.

As an example, explaining the prospects for marriage to family members of a person suffering from psychiatric illnesses is part of psychoeducation. When it comes to marriage or other issues, the information needs to be handled separately. Family members may want to discuss and provide feedback on such matters.

In order to analyze previous conflict situations, a therapist may review the last incident and offer alternative options for how the family could have responded. Or, he or she might just address conflicts directly in an abstract fashion, pointing out patterns that they haven’t noticed.

Families intervene for many reasons

Here are some reasons why referrals occur. Though, these reasons may also indicate hidden family problems that are discovered in other assessments.