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RHEL Managed Services: How can businesses benefit?

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Containers enable teams to deliver business value quickly and innovate. With this new opportunity, comes complexity. Building and managing a containerized environment is a difficult task. You should ask yourself if you have time to upgrade your Kubernetes installation, secure it, or maintain its security. IT services Managed Services reduces operational complexity and allows you to concentrate on developing applications which add greater value to the business. Discuss how this can benefit your business.

Faster value to time and increased operational efficiency

The dashboard is self-service and provides clusters that are fully-managed in just minutes. The developer productivity in application development, testing and deployment has been increased by 90%. Due to the reduced time to market, a greater focus is placed on high-value applications.

These managed services are flexible in terms of pricing and consumption. The full management, from day-to-day operations to infrastructure is provided. Hybrid accessibility and portability increase the flexibility.

Support services and expert assistance available round the clock

RHEL’s managed services are financially backed, with a SLA of 99.95 percent, automated pricing and high security. It fills the gaps with internal resources and skill, offers SRE and zero-downtime upgrade, as well as ensuring no downtime.

Kubernetes’ reduced cost of ownership is not just about the subscription.

Red Hat’s Managed Service is Fully-Managed. Unlike many other managed services, Red Hat takes care of the whole stack and not just Kubernetes. This service also benefits from the expertise of Red Hat’s global SRE 24×7 team.

Red Hat Managed Services offers more than Kubernetes. The platform includes features such as monitoring and security. Logging, pipelines for building applications, service meshes, etc. on top upstream Kubernetes.

Red Hat OpenShift services can be used on any major public cloud: If you are already using public cloud providers or plan to transition, Red Hat OpenShift Services is available on most major clouds, giving you flexibility in choosing which offering best suits your requirements.