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You can find out if it is possible to clean carpets with natural pet waste

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Do they not bring you joy? When an accident water damage restoration happens, what do you do? Your puppy may be potty-training and has peed on your carpet, or perhaps your older cat misses kitty litter. How can you eliminate dog or cat urine odors in a natural manner?

Even after you scrub your carpet and give the pet some attention, the smell can still remain. This is why spring is the ideal time to attack the problem areas.

White Vinegar

You can use white vinegar to neutralize the smell of urine on carpets that are still damp. It works even when stains or smells have been present for quite some time. Blot the affected area instead of rubbing, as this will cause the stain to penetrate deeper into your carpet fibers. Mix equal parts of vinegar with cold water and then pour it generously on the area that is soiled. Then, blot the area well and let it air-dry. The process can be accelerated by using a fan. Vacuum the area once it is dry.

Baking Soda

Pour a urine mark that is already dry, sprinkle generously with baking soda and let it set for two hours before vacuuming.

Club Soda

If you want to treat a carpet that has been soiled by pets, then club soda will work well. It may be necessary for the treatment to be repeated several times, as the club soda only works when it is bubbling. Then, pour the soda on top. As soon as the fizzing solution is over, blot it again and repeat if necessary. The baking soda method will likely be necessary if you have a stain that is not fresh.

Bleach If you have a carpet with a lighter color, you may also want to try bleach diluted in water. You will need 10 parts water and 1 part bleach. Spray the bleach solution onto the stain. Let it sit on the spot for about 15 seconds, then thoroughly rinse the area using warm water. You can repeat this process until it is no longer visible.

Test a few droplets of the bleach solution on a hidden area if you have any doubts. Bleach should be left on for one minute before rinsing with water. It’s safe to apply the solution on your other carpet areas if there is no discoloration.

This is not a safe formula to use on carpets. You are mixing items together that may react when left unattended. Do not leave any leftovers. For safety, contact professionals.

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